Fusion Partners

In addition to the extended video contained on the DVD and Flash Drive, your final Rohrig Video and Photo product will contain a highlight piece, a collection of the biggest moments of your wedding day. The highlight piece is what you will want to share with your friends and watch over and over again both in the weeks following your wedding and in years to come. It also contains the feature that Rohrig Video first created in 1988 and has redesigned in 2008: Fusion. In fusion, the moments that were captured on video are fused together with photographs, capturing both the iconic moment of a photograph and the action happening at the time it was taken.


You can see hundreds of examples of fusion on the Rohrig Video YouTube page.


Beginning in 2015 Rohrig Video and Photo will continue to do the Fusion Highlight Video with only it’s own Photographers and Videographers.


This long awaited step has arrived. The unveiling of the first true team approach to capture your wedding day. Ask us about the new Hybrids of 2015 and find out what we can do for you. Rohrig Video is now Rohrig Video and Photo.

With the addition of Clare Liming Photography, Fusion is now better than ever.

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Hybrid Team 2014 Shoot