Completed Product

What do you get in your Video Package?

In the Fusion Package you will also receive on the Flash Drive, all photos with basic edit.

The Flash Drive you receive in your package will contain.


Edited HD Video files that you can easily transfer to the hard drive of your computer, your parents’ computer, additional flash drives, and given to anyone else who would like to help you preserve your Wedding Event. You can then watch your video directly on your computer by opening them with the latest version of QuickTime. If you have a smart tv, simply plug it in and enjoy.

Part I Movie has everything shot before the ceremony, the ceremony itself, and everything shot after the ceremony. Another file is the reception. You will have 3 different file sizes of your Highlight Video. This allows you to load it to your iPad and Smartphone.

If you are doing our very popular Fusion Package you will also receive all of  your photos on the Flash Drive with the basic edit. Then you can view your photos and video on your smart tv. You also have printing rights to all of your photos.

Included on this Flash Dive are the edited HD files with the original audio for your Wedding Highlight Segment.

Rohrig Video uses only purchased license royalty free music.

You also have on your Flash Drive the program used to create your soundtrack. You, then, with the help of a Mac, have the permission of Rohrig Video to change the soundtrack to whatever royalty free music you have purchased.

Thank You from Rohrig Video!!!


*Video Basic does not include Highlight Video